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Abutting the Clydeside Expressway, screened by trees and nestled behind the current Partick Police Office is the barely recognisible footprint of another once bustling Glasgow train station, Partick West.

Opened in June 1896, this modest station was built on an embankment, with the platforms being reached by covered stairways from Meadow Road and Dumbarton Road. Two hulking iron bridges spanned Dumbarton Road -- forking the line at this juncture.

The line here ran through Central Low Level Station westwards through Stobcross (now Exhibition Centre Station) then under Yorkhill and out along the South Street embankment through Partick West Station and on out through Clydebank to Dumbarton.

This photo, taken in 1955 by the prolific Partick Camera Club, shows an aerial view of the Thornwood/Partick area. We have outlined the Partick West station buildings in red, and in green is highlighted the route from Crow Road Station to the north (accessed via the tunnel).

Partick West was a four platform station on the Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway, with two platforms on a east-west line servicing Dumbarton and Glasgow city centre and a further two platforms on a north-south line servicing between Maryhill and the city centre.

From this more contemporary photograph, taken in March 1991, you will notice that the bridges over Dumbarton Road have been removed. The remnants of the station have been outlined in red.

In 1993, the new Partick Police Office was constructed on this site and the station vanished forever.

Closed in 1964 due to declining popularity, the decision was taken in 1967 to level Partick West station. This shot, taken in 1967, shows one of the station buildings shortly before demolition.

(photo courtesy of SCRAN, used with permission)

This shot, taken in the same spot as the 1967 photo above, shows the extent of the demolition. There is no immediate sign of the station or trackbed. A thicket of long gorse has blanketed this area.

As we examine the area for evidence, we try to avoid the detection of the police CCTV cameras and the local worthies working in the automotive/scrap yard immediately below us. We are in plain sight of both parties and there are not many places to hide.

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